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Welcome to Steadfast Woodworking, where we appreciate
wood in its carefully crafted shape as much as we do in its natural state.

You dream it, we craft it!

Our Company

Steadfast Woodworking is a small Ottawa-based company that delivers high quality craftsmanship at competitive prices. We offer our woodworking services to home owners, contractors and builders for their residential or commercial needs. We try as much as we can to source materials from local suppliers such as KJP Select Hardwood and Wood Source, in an effort to be a socially responsible community partner and to support the local economy. In the interest of meeting the very high standards of quality that we hold for our own products, we only source our kitchen cabinet accessories from suppliers that we trust to carry a durable line of products, such as Richelieu and Lee Valley.

BenOur commitment to you is to deliver the best service and best quality in all circumstances. With our extensive skill and dedication, we will create Steadfast products which will endure for generations to come.

Our Services

At Steadfast Woodworking we welcome all woodworking challenges. From complete kitchen renovations to the small corner storage units and bookshelves, we will find the best answers to your needs, taking into careful consideration the look and style that suits you. We also encourage you to be the visionary of your project or piece of furniture: to have your input in the design process to ensure your standards of functionality and beauty are surpassed. At Steadfast Woodworking, we have the ability to create a digital 3D model of the space being designed to provide a better understanding of its shapes and sizes.

Kitchen cabinets

Is it time for a new kitchen and have a pretty good idea of what you want? Or do you want something new, but you’re not sure what exactly? Let us be the woodworkers who make that happen for you! With the help of dozens of physical samples, and millions of online references, we can narrow the many available options down to the product that suits you perfectly, including the design, species of wood, finishes, and shapes you prefer. We can also help you with the layout and planning of your kitchen.

Cabinet doors

Today the available materials for cabinet doors are extensive, ranging from solid wood, to plastic, steel or glass. Steadfast Woodworking would be pleased to help you choose and custom build the right doors for you! If you are happy with your kitchen's layout but the design needs an update, or if you are preparing to sell your home, the best way to achieve the greatest change is by changing the doors.


Your main entrance is the aspect of your home that you and your guests first encounter. Why not make it an inviting statement of your personal style? Custom-made doors are unique, and set the tone for the entire house. In addition, custom-made interior doors also add an element of finesse to your space. Steadfast Woodworking can accommodate an entire range of requests, from conventional swing doors to sliding barn-board units.

Door, Window, Ceiling and Wall Treatments

This is an ideal way to bring a sense of finery to any space. We can customize your home with elaborate wood details such as multiple piece base boards, wainscoting, pilasters and columns by doors and windows with entablatures, and completing the picture with the elegance of crown moldings. These details add endless value to your home, making your living space beautiful, and thus making your time spent at home special!

Shop Services

Steadfast is pleased to offer assistance to those who are in need of basic woodworking services at affordable prices.
Wood turning

Your design

If you need just the right style of door to access your garden, or if you want to build an indoor swing for your children, don't let your imagination hold you back. Please contact Steadfast Woodworking with all your woodworking ideas and we will help you turn them into reality!

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